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I love watching two studs taking turns fucking another guy. Watching a cock-hungry guy working a dick from both ends is the ultimate turn-on. Trying to focus on both cocks at the same time, he gets into sucking one cock, and then, when the one plugging his ass hits the right spot, he loses his concentration. Back and forth it goes with the guys getting more and more excited. On Corbin Fisher this week, Jared plays middle man to Derek and Lucas in the gym. He uses his hands and mouth to work on Derek's rock-hard dick, while Lucas is plunging deeply into his fuck hole. When Derek gets his turn at Jared's tight ass, the studs big, uncut dick is flopping around with every bounce and thrust of Derek's cock. Jared is bent over, taking it doggy style from Derek with Lucas fucking Jared's face. Derek reaches around jacks Jared off. While Jared dumps all over the floor, Derek paints his back with hot load of cum. Lucas is right behind them, spraying Jared's face with spunk!

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