Tattoos. While some people think of bikers or leathermen when tattoos are mentioned, the truth is all kinds of men have tats. Some are beautiful art pieces full of color and shading. Some show you belong to a group like the Marines while others are tribal and abstract. And there are those one-color tats that guys get on a whim or when they just want something simple. Some guys get a tattoo to show off a body part like a muscular chest or slender belly or as an accent, to bring attention to their cock or ass. Check out Jack from Perfect Guyz. His back tattoo is simple and elegant.

There's something about a guy with a hard cock and a tattoo! I want to start off licking the tat and work my way to more interesting things.

In the 50's and 60's, tattoos were mostly associated with bikers, rough guys nd criminals. Of course, that simply made tattoos sexier, because who doesn't secretly love bad boys? We all have moments where a little danger adds spice or being treated a little roughly makes sex even hotter, and certain kinds of inked guys look sooo edgy.


These days all sorts of sexy guys have tats. Check out this cute latin twink from Bi Latin Men. He's no bad boy but he's illustrated and it only adds to his appeal - along with that great big cock he's sporting. And a lot of mainstream models have tattoos as well. The days when tattoos were worn by outlaws and roughnecks and mostly showed things like a picture of an anchor or the word "Mother" in a huge heart are long gone. Today anyone can have a tat hidden under his business suit or boxer briefs. And it can be a very sexy surprise the first time you peel the clothes off a new guy and find a beautiful pic or something that tells you something about him inked on his skin.

Tattoos? Give me a guy with a nice one anytime!

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