Guys With iPhones

Guys With iPhones is a study in just how creative random dudes with iPhones can get. Let me also state, right up front, that it is also a study in how fucking hot guys with iPhones can get. Those cute little "weapons of mass distribution" favor us hugely as we get all the images some wild and crazy fuckers can send out. Most of the pictures are breathtakingly informal, offering a tight, inside look under the trousers and the hoodies of the guys who pose. There is also a "posed" method too, I hasten to add, with some dudes supplying their best possible look for our viewing pleasure. Amateur exhibitionists and just plain hot guys as well supply the huge numbers of postings, dating back now nearly two years and posted pretty much monthly. This is yet another pretty natural idea, mating technology yet again with pursuits of the flesh, hitting us under the belt with some stylized and some casual sexy men to gawk at. This is true eye candy of the very first order. This site might even just let you find a long lost friend, at last visually. Lots of guys with lots and lots of cocks, fabulous abs, normal studs and muscle men make this site a pleasure to visit, big time. There's something here for literally everyone.

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