Guys With Hot Legs

Here's one of those image blogs where someone finds all kinds of images from all over the net and puts them up to share them with us. Nothing complicated, just pages of pictures. And here the theme is Guys With Hot Legs, which means there are plenty of images of hot guys with nice legs, and nice guys with hot everything else; topless, nude, in underwear but always with the legs on show. The guy behind this collection aims to simply provide us with images, good ones, and that's it. No drama, no chat, no text most of the time. But there is a list of who else has been following so you can click around that, and make even more Tumblr contacts if you wish. The blog is also kept right up to date with loads of posts, there were something like 15 in the last day, with re-blogs and re-posts as well. So, fancy seeing some fancy legs? You now know where to come.

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