Guys Showing Off

I've got a wandering eye...and you guys are not helping. That is the tag line from the website Guys Showing Off. The site features hot men taking pictures of themselves with their iPhones. This website collects these images from different dating and hook-up sites. There are a variety of guys: hunks, jocks, twinks, straight, gay and bi. But the one thing they have in common is their hotness. It is through the roof.

Not all pictures are from the waist up. In addition to cock and bulge shots, there are some images featuring close-ups of dudes jacking off. The photo quality is okay, for an amateur, as these pictures are taken by iPhone. But it adds a certain realism to the photos, a raw quality which the viewer knows is untouched. The navigation is clean, as you can go to the archives to peruse month by month. Other wise you can surf by scrolling from the most recent images to the very first images. So if you like a guy that shows-off, you'll definitely like this site.

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