three hot guys in sexy underwear

Solomon, Vander and Aries look pretty sexy in their underwear briefs, each wearing a different brand and color. And these three studs are all pretty well hung, so they're popping large in their briefs. As soon as the initial glamour shots are done, the underwear comes off and these three studs get down to some hot and heavy threesome fucking.

A little back story here. Solomon and Vander have played together before at Chaos Men, but Solomon always maintained that he was pretty committed to Team Straight. But after that fuck scene, both Vander and Solomon would periodically ask the site owner about the other. They were dying to do another scene together, but site owner Bryan Ockert wasn't sure that viewers would like to watch a repeat, so he brought in super-hung uber top Aries who loves fucking. And man, is this scene hot. "I'll never get the lube off the walls," says Bryan. I'm also pretty sure that he'll be finding blobs of cum for days all over this room. And who knows, maybe Solomon and Vander are heading past the bromance phase and into something more permanent. This one's a must see.

two british guys in sexy underwear

David and Will are a couple of British hotties who have both done solo videos over at English Lads and this is their first time being naked on a bed with another guy. They start off in their sexy underwear, posing and flexing; then still not naked, they're asked to grope each other's bulges. And if you look closely, you'll see that David produces a big wet spot on his briefs, so it looks like he's a precummer and it would seem that he enjoys having another guy feel him up. The guys get into a bit of cock fighting before wanking each other off in a horny little hand job scene.

hot guy in sexy underwear

Marco Ratillo in a former gymnast who is making his first video over at Next Door Male. The only thing sexier than a hot pair of underwear are those skin-tight gymnast outfits (or wrestling singlets), and I think they might be a whole lot hotter since they make your imagination work overtime. Could you imagine what fun it would be to watch gymnastics if the athletes were showing bulges like Marco is in this pair of green underwear briefs? Thankfully, Marco doesn't keep his underwear on for long.

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