Corbin Fisher's launches his new bisexual site, Guys Gone Bi

Well, good news for all you bisexual sex lovers. Corbin Fisher launched his newest site last week - - and this can only mean one thing: more jobs for white Americans! That's right, with a staggering number in the millions, unemployed white Americans (Corbin's second favorite demographic after gay, white Americans) are able and ready to go back to work. And if that means in the lucrative world of bisexual porn, well, so be it! (I'm just kidding. I get it. It wouldn't be 'white' porn if they hired the blacks.)

Actually, biting sarcasm masking as social commentary aside, a couple of interesting things have emerged. Chief Operations Officer Brian Dunlap noted this:

"Our research found that many bisexual consumers wanted access to the content we provide. Yet, they shied away from traditionally 'gay' sites. This site allows them to enjoy our content and give us a chance to reach a whole new audience."

In other words, they're embarrassed to be associated with the gay side of their sexuality. What else would keep them off a site that routinely features the same sorts of men - some of the finest specimens the human race has to offer - that they will eventually pay to see having sex with other guys from said site?

Hey, I was born at night but I wasn't born last night. (Or even the night before that.)

The other interesting thing I happen to notice was the price. Most sites of Fisher's caliber routinely charge between $24.95 and $29.95 a month and this site will start at $19.95 and then drop down to $17.95 every month thereafter. So what makes that interesting? Well, for one, the demand for bisexual sex is considerably smaller. So if you know in advance that you're going to have a small slice of the pie, why would you sell yourself short?

Survey Says: Free porn.


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