First Gay Sex

A little over a month ago, I blogged about Trent's first jack off session on Corbin Fisher. When it was all over, Corbin Fisher asked Trent what he was thinking about when he was jacking off, and Trent replied, "My girlfirend ... and Dawson." Now there's an invitation. Trent says he bicurious, so Corbin Fisher paired him up with his fantasy to see what would happen. And remember, this was Trent's first guy-on-guy sexual experience. The original intent was to have Trent lose his cherry with Dawson - that's right, in his first gay sex experience he was going to do it all, including bottoming for the cute Dawson. In the end, that didn't happen. Trent was nervous from the very beginning of the video - first time having gay sex, being on camera for only the second time, and having sex with someone that he had only fantasized about. It would be overwhelming. But soon enough, he is insanely turned on and he's sucking Dawon's dick and getting his own cock sucked by a guy for the first time. And then, Dawson lies on top of Trent and these studs are making out and rubbing their cocks together. Dawson is pumping his whole body into Trent's and their cocks are grinding together. Then suddenly, Trent's cock spits out a great blob of cum - it even seemed to suprise him. Dawson takes things in stride, grabs Trent's cock and finishes him off, and then, jacks off a load of his own, filling up Trent's belly button and coating his stomach with juice. When the boys have recovered Dawson says, "Next time, you're going to get fucked." So now we have something else to look forward to.

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