Guy Watching: Wonder Men Guy Watching: Wonder Men

That's like Wonder Woman but men and more than one. But still the overall effect is superhero. And I like superheroes. 

Pity none actually exist. I mean for all the movies out there, there has yet to be a person who can fly. For all the radioactive spiders out there, there has yet to be a nerd bitten by one. And for all the muscular guys in shorts sitting outside, there has yet to be one whose shorts spontaneously disintegrate, despite my attempt to use my nonexistent telekinetic powers.

Which means I guess I'm not a superhero either.

Though, several cities have their share of costumed vigilantes, some more renegade than others. But, again, none can fly. Or teleport. Or walk through walls. Or shoot rays from their eyes. I can kind of do that last one. Emotional rays anyhow.

But despite these guys not being superheroes, I like them. Okay, I like their bodies. Can that sometimes be the same thing as liking someone? Because otherwise, I have so many dealbreakers. Like that OK Cupid match question that goes something like "Do you find the prospect of nuclear war to be exciting?"

Who would date someone who answered yes to that?

Nancy Reagan, that's who. It took a lot to get her off.

Now I'm going to go cower from fear of nuclear war, preferably hugging one or more of these guys for comfort. Maybe I can take over as that one muscle guy's "puppy"? I just hope he gives me the gourmet dog food.

[Photos via Exposed Hot Guys]

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