Guy Watching: Naked Dancer Dances Naked

And there are many things he doesn't do while dancing naked, such as grocery shopping and doing the laundry and buying someone a birthday card.

And not just because buying birthday cards is stupid.  Just get a single "Happy Birthday Forever" card for someone when they're 1 year old and you're done. This message was not sponsored by Hallmark.

Nor did they sponsor his nude, writhing (aka dancing) body.

I used to watch So You Think You Can Dance but haven't in a long time. So this is the equivalent of me doing that in a couple minutes. Minus the outfits.

Although is nudity its own kind of outfit? Its own "undress" code? I may need to enforce that code on somebody (and myself) in the future. Perhaps it makes resolving relationship issues easier in some way if naked?

Though that didn't exactly work for Nude Ricky Martin's Nude Relationship.

Can I get Pride Month points for bringing up Ricky Martin's name? Brave fellow.

Now go dance naked somewhere. Your bedroom counts.

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