It's extremely important you watch this video. In case anyone ever quizzes you on what a guy with massive legs looks like when working out, you'll be able to provide several relevant adjectives

Such as insane, stupendous, terrifying, orgasmic, confusing, awesome, surreal, homosexual-ish and penis.

I stuck the penis in there because why not. He makes me think of penis for some reason. Similarly to how if he saw me staring at him, he'd think asshole. Being admired is one thing, but gawking at him is another. That would be gauche.

Though of course I wouldn't just be gawking either. More like masturbatory gawking. Then I'd cap it off by asking if he wanted me to take his shorts home and launder them. I'm really not a shorts sniffer/licker type. I just kind of want them as a tent. Or a parachute. I might need a parachute someday. And his asscheeks promise to roundify any shorts he wears to parachute proportions. 

Ultimately, I just want to hug his legs like hugging a tree trunk. But not quite the way a hippie would hug a tree. More like how a horny gay hippie would hug a horny gay tree. Humping would be involved.

Luckily he may not even notice. Like does the giant, muscular pizza notice a gnat landing on it? Nope. 

I may need to work on my opening lines for bodybuilders. I"m thinking something like "Hey bro you are great with your muscles and stuff. I'm going to cum on you now." Yeah, I'll totally try that one tomorrow. Guaranteed success.

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