Guy Watching: Jock Paradise Guy Watching: Jock Paradise

What makes a jock paradise? Guys in prime condition caught on camera looking hot as fuck. And does looking hot as fuck directly translate to competitive success? When on the hunt for dick, then yes. When on the hunt for winning a game or race or wrestling match, then looking hot as fuck will only help if it distracts the competitors or judges/referees enough to cause a favorable result.

But do hot as fuck jocks caught in hot as fuck moments of displaying their hot as fuck bodies do the world any good? I don't know, but you can ask what's inside my pants and it'll tell you. One throb for yes. Two for double yes.

Now some of these guys know folks are snapping pics and some don't. There's something endearing about a naked guy in a locker room thinking the guy nearby on a his cell phone is actually just checking his email or texting a friend. Nope he's snapping a naked picture of you. Or give it a few years and when he blinks, his contact lens camera will be snapping a naked picture of you and posting it to Dickagram.

I can guess all I want about future sexual technologies, but some things will remain timeless. Three of these things are jock muscles, jock cock and jock don't give a fuck attitude. Go team!

P.S. There's not paying attention in the locker room to the point you get your picture snapped. Then there's not paying attention in the locker room to the point you get surprise fucked.

[Pics via Hot Sport Bulges and Butts]

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