Something different this week. Not actually spying, but a playacting video in which a giant guy shrinks a guy tiny then dominates him. So you're you, kinda staring/spying at the guy, voyeuristic as hell. You get shrunk, then you're the action figure in his hand. Totally logical.

I support all fetishes that don't hurt anyone. And despite it's talk of crushing, not crushing is actually involved. Because humans can't be shrunk to 3" long. At least not yet. But who knows, maybe some manufacturer will figure out a way, plus how to clone people. So we can have 1,000 tiny Meryl Streeps running around. Or 1,000 tinier Kristin Chenoweths. Tinier because she's already tiny.

I may prefer 1,000 tiny of the bodybuilder in the video. Would be good to turn the tables.

Do I have this fetish? No, but I get the appeal of staring up at a guy towering over you. It's how I feel when I'm sitting on public transport and some guy walks on. Nice face at crotch level situation. Okay, that can be nice or horrible, depending who it is. 

But being shrunk is more so face to toes level, so this fetish (as you can see if you explore the playlist at the link below) has tons to do with feet, too. There's a 10+ minute video (with a part 2) of a "spying in the shower" situation. Which consists of a floors-eye view of the feet of a guy taking a shower. That would be like sitting through Transformers 3 (which I just saw a few seconds of on streaming before I decided it was unbearable), so I'm not subjecting you to it. Except that movie features giant robot cars taking showers. Then 2 hours of them rusting. 

While I may not be super into this exact fetish, I can get into an egotistical bodybuilder yelling at me. As long as I can fuck him in the mouth after. But how big is the dick of a 3" tall guy? Hopefully 10". I guess he'd need a motorized wheelbarrow of sorts to carry his dick around. 

Finally, I have a product I can bring onto Shark Tank for investment. The dick carrier arounder. I may need to work on my branding. But I figure anything with the word dick in it can do well.

[Via this wacky as hell playlist, and wacky as hell is not a judgment, but a fact]

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