Guy Watching: Double-Dick Wrestler Guy Watching: Double-Dick Wrestler

Not "double-dicked" but "double-dick" as in two dicks. His two dicks. He has two dicks. Which is one more than required. Or if you're FTM dude friendly, then potentially up to two dicks more than the zero required. 

I get that it's the fold of the singlet. I get he doesn't have two dicks. Except, facts show he totally does! Two dicks! Double! And he hasn't let it hold him back from great athletic success, such as jacking himself off two times at once. 

Or having a threeway with him and one other person. 

Or getting two library cards. Don't you have to show your dick to get one?

Or, most importantly, making me think anything is sexually possible. Such as him pissing on me out of one dick while pinching the other's slit closed, thereby creating a stream that's double strength. And thus a pee fetish can be combined with a normally expensive spa-level skin exfoliation.

The pee can do it all. His double dick pee can make magic happen.

Such would be all our disbelief that he actually had two dicks that he'd have to wear an "I SWEAR I HAVE TWO DICKS" t-shirt. Which may lead people to ask "Do you mean in a jar?" So things could get awkward.

Especially if I'm wearing my "DON'T DRINK, DON'T SMOKE, WHAT DO I DO?" t-shirt. As t-shirt to t-shirt communication is fraught with challenges. 

If you see this guy, perhaps just ask him directly if he has two dicks. My guess is he'll wink twice in response. Also known as blinking. He may do everything double. Such as saying "I do I do" when he marries me. I'm totally good with that. Totally good with that.

[Photo via Hot Sport Bulges & Butts]

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