There's two kinds of crotch grabbing. Grabbing your own and someone grabbing yours. Technically there would be a third kind. You and someone else grabbing your crotch at the same time. I think that happens every 76 years like Haley's comet. Or every 76 minutes if you're David Beckham.

Yes, I do think he's sexy (maybe not "Sexist Man Alive" as People magazine just annointed him, but something reasonably close). Crotch-grab worthy.

Then there's the more involved grabbing your own crotch while watching a guy grab his own crotch or while watching a guy get his own crotch grabbed. It all gets very metaphysical. And also very laws of physics as gravity and swing is involved.

Plus there may be math involved if he asks for your number after because that involves numbers.

Is it too late to apologize for the horrible music accompanying these videos? I suggest nothing but the music of your own panting. Or maybe some deep house. That works too.

Still what strikes me the most is the playfulness of these guys. At least when groping or even hugging and kissing each other, the more sort of sexual it is, the more joking it has to come across. I'm guessing the actually gay players don't do this as much, but they may be on the receiving end. Guess they said their prayers. At least for the playful ones because the rough nut squeezes and punches happen too in sport. 

Just not in tennis. That would be a bit obvious to jump over the net to do that. 

Meanwhile the self grabs are more surreptitious (while thousands watch and cameras are on). Just like the camera some pervert installed in my bathroom at home without me knowing. Once I found out, I probably should have turned it off, but instead i Just do modern dance while taking a crap. I'm famous for it in the underground. Whoops, now everyone knows I know that I'm being watched. I guess i blew it. 

Time to take the camera down and focus on voyeurism. I'm better at it probably.

Anyone want to buy a used spy camera that's seen it all?

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