Guy Watching: Bouncing Soccer Balls

Soccer stud just rolls off the tongue. Hopefully.

Marvel as these guys semi-pretend to not enjoy being semi-exposed. One might surmise that some would fully pretend to not enjoy being fully exposed. Though boners may make it challenging to feign displeasure.

Although of course a penis can be hard while the mind is super not into it. Or if you actually rubbed yours for 37 minutes straight. That sometimes causes erections.

37 minutes of masturbation makes an excellent prelude to 370 minutes of masturbation, by the way. If you think that sounds extreme, note that I did not say 370 days of masturbation. Even Onan himself needed a break.

Hopefully I can get field level seats and make everyone play in slow motion so I can absorb it all. Although if another bouncing bulge immediately follows and it's a constant buzz of bulges, that's okay. I may in fact want to speed it up to get to the next one.

What I'm saying is when is someone going to invent a remote control for life? There would be so much I'd want to pass and zoom in on. Plus pause would help so I can think of something to say to some guy who otherwise dumbfounds me. "Hi!" is completely out of the question. Nobody knows how to respond to that one anymore. Times have changed.

Luckily bulges haven't.

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