Guy Watching: Bouncing Bulge of Matt Shirvington

For a new generation, I feel it's my responsibility to reintroduce Australian sprinter Matt Shirvington's severely bouncing, severely arousing (and potentially severely chafed) bulge.

I'd ask you to loop it, but this video does that for you. There's another version thats been on YouTube for 10 years but I think the original may be even prior to YouTube. Thus the resolution. RealPlayer anyone?

He never won anything major internationally. Except our hearts. And clicks. And dicks.

Is it huge? Not sure, but the balls sort of are. Dicks tend to take up more space when they are basically in multiple places at once from bouncing around. The eyes lose track and see what they want to see.

He later had an underwear ad campaign, though that didn't include any bouncing as that's counter to the support feature being advertised. Well, we'll alway have Paris, by which I mean a tight green track suit. Go Mr. Shirvington!

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