guy spanked over the knee

Ben recently did a jack-off audition for Reluctant Young Men and he couldn't restrain himself and he shot his cum load without permission. The producer didn't know Ben was going to cum and he was focusing the camera on Ben's face and completely missed the cum shot. He was pissed.

He grabs Ben by the ear and sits in a chair putting Ben over his knee. He gives Ben a lecture about fucking up the video shoot and starts whacking the boy's bare ass with his hand. Ben seems more annoyed than anything, it's like he's thinking, "Who the fuck does this guy think he is?" But when the producer grabs a belt and starts wailing on Ben's ass, the boy starts taking things seriously.

With the belt cracking across his ass, Ben is dancing and squirming. His big dick is flopping around with each smack across his ass. His butt cheeks quickly turn bright red. Then the producer grabs a hair brush and this hurts even worse. Finally, the producer asks Ben if he's learned his lesson and he whimpers that he has.

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