Gunshots Inspires Cumshots Gunshots Inspires Cumshots

Tyler Beck is new to the world of gay porn. Wanting to get to know him better, Aaron French and Seth Chase decide to take him out to the woods for a hike. The serene environment is interrupted by a gunshot somewhere in their vicinity. Frightened by the sound, all three run in different directions.

Eventually Seth finds himself all alone, and surprisingly turned on by the sound of the gunshot. Leaning against a tree, he begins to start jacking off his hard cock. Tyler spies Seth jerking off and begins licking his lips at the sight of his cock. Wasting no time he goes right up to Seth and begins sucking him off. Aaron stumbles upon the guys in action, and decides join in the fun as well. This gunshot certainly inspired the potential cumshots all three guys will be shooting off in this video. You have to see it for yourself.

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