"Guns and Gut". Sounds almost like a movie title doesn't it? Well it pretty well could be. However, we're referring to two of Hot Barebacking's hottest dudes - Gut Bangas and Guns. I'm not sure if Guns has a last name. He He. What he does have is an absolutely incredible ability to take Gut's huge cock all the way up his insatiable hole. And when when I say huge, I'm not kidding. It's got to be at least 9 inches in length. Yeah, these guys get right into it alright and represent Hot Barebacking in a fantastic way.


Black on white. Oh yeah baby. Is it the contrast in skin that makes an interracial scene so fucking hot? Or is it just the thought of all that thick long black meat sliding in and out of a luscious pink asshole?


Over the top and driving it home, Gut gives Guns what he so deperately needs. I must be honest and say that it was quite difficult to choose the images to put up for this preview. They were all such a turnon. Don't worry though, you'll get to see much more than this in the free gallery.


No doubt I had to include this image. So fucking hot with Guns on his back taking all that big Gut has to offer. And like I said, in typical Hot Barebacking fashion, there's a free vid gallery for all of us to check out of these two rubbing skin cock in ass style. One of the reasons why I just love Hot Barebacking so damned much!

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