"Gummibiker" and "Gumskin" reside near Paris France and love all that involves motorcyles, rubber, leather, combat garb and breath control. They look like something out of a military movie if you ask me. Very hot. Cropped heads and full camouflage seem to be the favoured wardrobe for these fellas. On Gumskin they let us take a peek into their kinky world with some free pics and vids. The action is extreme and it doesn't appear they hold too much back. By hitting on "Profil" you can get a better perspective of what they're all about. Right down to pictures of their personal motorbikes. "Gallery X" should give you a thrill or two if this is your kind of thing. It's an interesting fetish. Not much in the way of nudity or even hardcore fucking. Just extreme bondage, breath control and rubber play. Could be worth a peek guys. Maybe they live closeby and need a third.

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