Riley Price naked and showing off his cock

I'm seriously starting to think that when a porner says "goodbye forever" from porn that's just code for "I'll be back to dick sucking in 3 to 6 months".

This week we have Riley Price announcing on his twitter account that he would be returning to porn, and that he would be doing it for Randy Blue. This might come as a shock to some (not really) when in March 2012 Riley declared that he would be leaving porn for good to pursue other things in life. It was strange that Riley would decide to quit porn after a couple of months just when he had launched his own porn site, but then again things aren't going too well for most porners with their own sites recently.

So, now that we know that Riley is cumming back to porn with Randy Blue, the only question that is left to be answer is who is gonna be the hot stud to get freaky with Riley. Hopefully he'll be around for some time in order to get paired him with various hunks from that site, 'cos almost all of them are simply delectably delicious!

Of course, we shall keep your horny selves informed as updates on Riley unfold!

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