If you're gay and own an iPhone, you've most certainly heard about Grindr. If not, it's an app that keeps you updated on other Grindr users who are in your vicinity. So as you're walking down the street, new guys keep popping up on your phone for you to check out.

Sounds like it could be a bit of fun and it's a great way to hook up. But if you're a hairy man or a bear lacking a gym perfect body, the amount of fun you may find on Grindr could be pretty limited. But that's all about to change because Growlr is a similar service that's geared towards the bear and hirsute community.

GROWLr is a free social networking app for gay bears. It allows you to view profiles from around the world, or you can hunt down men right in your own neighborhood. Growlr lets you send and receive private messages, photos, or voice memos. There's also an up-to-date directory of bear runs and bear bar listings.

Growlr allows you to have 75 favorites that you can track as these hairy men work their way through your neighborhood, and you can follow men in a 75 block radius.

I keep debating on whether I should get an iPhone, but it looks like i now have a very good reason.

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