The environment is on the News a lot lately, and it is even creeping into our latest trends on buying things, like Bottled Water. Now if only they would bring back shirts and pants made from Hemp, that would be cool, but we can all dream.

The issue is that some Mayors and City Councils are trying to ban bottled water in their facilities, claiming that it is environmentally unfriendly. They cite how so many of the plastic bottles are winding up in landfills, that are becoming rather full. Least in some cities.

Consumers seemed to also be joining that band wagon, but you know what is odd, is how we are ignoring the simple solution. Which is of course Recycling. I mean seriously, we simply do not recycle these plastic bottles, no matter what, which tends to make me think, this isn't about being environmentally conscious, but about being simply lazy gits.

The USA for examples used about 17 million barrels of oil to produce the plastic containers, about 2.5 million TONs of carbon dioxide. Now that is rather impressive numbers, and when you also consider that supposedly 8 out of 10 bottles are tossed into the landfills, where it takes about 700 years to degrade, well I guess it is a problem, isn't it?

Yet if we tossed them into the recycle bin, it would find its way into other areas, like construction, like playgrounds, and even ink cartridges for printers.

For myself, we use tap water, and given how there are far more checks and balances done in providing tap water versus bottled water, I kind of feel safer. I have been to the Rocky Mountains, have tasted that fresh clean mountain stream water, and well, I don't know, it tasted good, but then was it the water, or all the chemicals that leached into it from flowing down over rocks, grass, deer droppings and all that other stuff?

Bottled water has its place, as a part of any emergency kit, for house or car, as part of a police or fire workers kit, so they can replenish their fluids while still remaining on the job. Specially important when you think of it, but do we need to have our desks crammed with them at work? Do we need to have them stacked in our fridge at home, or should we be using them only when we go jogging?

This whole 'environment kick' that is taking place, makes me wonder, if we are simply just being hosed once again by the giant corporations and government. I mean I use those energy efficient light bulbs, and yes it does save on my electric bill, but uh, they sure as hell don't last 7 years either.

Like our local water now is adding sewage to our water bill, instead of on the taxes, figuring that we'll cut down on how often we flush, but like come on, let's have some real solutions other than leaving stinkers in the toilet. I mean that sort of creeps out all over, and well, I have a sensitive schnoz.

Instead of mayors, like the one in Des Moines, who supports banning water bottles in public places, or in adding a tax to them at the grocery store, maybe we should make them all take a bus to work? I mean the Water Industry donated tons of bottled water to victims of the recent flooding in Iowa, and other areas, so why attack them?

Besides, it isn't like that is going to be a huge savings. More like a tax grab, so let's get our elected officials to put their money where their mouths are. Let's pass a law that says no elected official can use private transportation, that they need to either bicycle to work, or take a bus.

Bet you'd sure see some changes happening in how Public Transit works if they all had to ride the subways, the buses.

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