Groovy Guys Vintage Gay Porn

Groovy Guys Vintage Gay Porn is pretty self-explanatory. Owned by the proprietor of Lavender Lounge, this vintage site offers all the intensely-scrutinized, selective best and perhaps the "most typical" of the gay porn from earlier eras. There are fascinating pieces on San Fransisco in the '70's and '80's, complete with interviews from later and at that very time. As a historical bit, this site succeeds incredibly well. As porn, it does even better! Make no mistake, this is some very hot and sexy material, complete with a whole lot of sucking, fucking in pairs, in groups and some excellent solo work, featuring layouts of the hottest guys at the various Retro periods. There is a wonderful amount of material here and much of it flitting between eras most effortlessly and entertaining us all the more for the gorgeously-planned inconsistency. The truth is, we end up peeling back covers on some excellent surprises in content and that's just plain terribly fun.

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