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As a society we are so obsessed with getting older. We're constantly hit with ads for products that will help us stay younger. Even gay porn is loaded with twinks, young guys, and muscled jocks with springy, hard cocks and tight butts. If you're into older men, grey-haired daddies, even grandpa types, it's pretty hard to find a big enough supply of porn to keep on top of your mojo.

Thank goodness that we have sites like Hot Older Male and Pantheon Bear. This grey-haired daddy is Rex and he's showing off his hot, hairy body on Hot Older Male this week. Rex is a year shy of 60 years old and he's got a stunning body. So many men let themselves go as they get older, developing the 40-year spread that turns into big, pot bellies in their fifties and sixties. But Rex really takes good care of himself and his body is lean and muscled.

And if you like hairy daddies, well, Rex is certainly very hairy. I love how his chest hair is grey, but his belly hair is still quite dark. It's like the sands of Sahara moving south and reclaiming more of that dark, furry patch. And as you continue moving south, you discover Rex's delicious cock. It's not overly big, but it's big enough, and it's crowned with a hard ridged cock head - perfect for twirling around in your mouth. And don't stop there, Rex's legs are very hairy.

Rex is looking for sex and he loves to fuck, so I imagine we'll be seeing this grey-hair daddy is a hot fuck scene soon, but for now, head over to Hot Older Male and take a look at this sexy older man.

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