grey-haired daddy

Leather daddy Thom is a 60-year-old who calls Florida home. And today he showing us at Hot Older Male one of his favorite things to do - sitting outside in his secluded patio and jerking off. This grey-haired daddy spends a lot of time trolling dark places and looking for young submissives who like playing with an older, experienced man. And Thom has learned a thing or two over the years, so he's got a lot to teach these young and eager-to-please studs.

But today Thom is taking a break and enjoying a cigar in the Florida sun. He starts off relaxing in his chair and he's wearing his leather harness, bridge cap, and a red and yellow jockstrap. He poses in the garden and gets his dick hard, then he sits back on his lounge chair and gets to work. Thom is wearing a cock ring just behind his crown, so it plumps up his cock head and makes it fat and juicy. He's oozing pre-cum and delights in smearing it all over his sensitive cock head. As he gets closer to spewing his load, he puts down his cigar and removes his glasses, and soon enough, his cock is pumping out a thick load.

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