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Greg In Hollywood is an absolutely refreshing and fun blog to visit. Sharp as a tack, Greg has a refreshing take on controversial issues of politics and lifestyle as well as providing unabashed appreciation about the celebrity hunks he posts pictures of on this charming site. More importantly to this reader, he presents newsworthy and sometimes lighthearted updates on the careers of those he has followed or even who just catch his fancy. There is no fluff distracting from the discussion. It is hard to imagine a more relevant blog for a gay audience. Sophisticated and enlightening, Greg delivers consistently relevant items for thought and discussion, all of which bear on current events. From Florence Henderson to Roger Federer to openly gay Hollywood success stories, Greg approaches them all with a true reporter's and political/social opinionist's biases. Fortunately for us all, his opinions are those of a very informed and sharp observer of the society we all share. As for the pictures and for his personal admiration of individuals, we get all that as well. He does not leave out the beefcake one iota. This is a very personal site, representing the thoughts, opinions, loves and personal adoration's of what certainly seems to be a really cool and very informed man.

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