Just when you thought that Spider-Man and Superman couldn't get any more fabulous in their tights and capes, here comes the Green Lantern to save the gay! Manville Entertainment has announced its latest gay porn superhero satire, The Green Lantern Is Gay! Following on the heels of the studio's successful Batman and Robin: An All-Male XXX Parody last year, this two-disc deluxe collector's edition tells the tale of test pilot Hal Hardon (Spencer Fox, who we thought retired in a snit years ago!) and his war against the villainous Penillax. (In case any of this sounds vaguely familiar, Adam Killian played the Green Lantern in Justice League 3DX for Sinister X Syndicate in 2012, but that was a straight porn movie.) The film also features such big-name talent as Trevor Knight (who has been busy getting engaged to his reality-TV star boyfriend), Kirk Cummings, Alessandro Del Toro, Adam Russo, Brody Wilde and Tristan Mathews. Manville is promising "spectacular special effects," and the DVDs, which are set for a November release, include a softcore version, behind-the-scenes footage, model interviews and a photo gallery. For more information, visit

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