graffiti cock

I'm making pea soup today, as in homemade. As in I'm making it and eating it and you can't stop me. You also can't stop graffiti from happening. Even graffiti on top of other graffiti. And you can't stop the tattoo on this man's back. It's there. It's staying. You're looking. You can't stop it.

He has patchworkphilia. He gets off on quilts as they are a patchwork of colors. He gets off on graffiti as that's also a patchwork of colors. He's sought help for his desires. He sought a cure. It took weeks to find a grayscale psychiatrist with an office in a gray building and a gray couch and carpet and walls and a gray face and shirt and shoes. But then the psychiatrist opened his mouth and his tongue was pink. So much for the cure.

When you love something, love it. When it makes you hard, it makes you hard. Surround yourself with it. Color patchwork graffiti your life. For me today, that's homemade pea soup. For you, what?

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