Graffiti Artist Tagged with Cum Graffiti Artist Tagged with Cum

Draven Torres is a nasty punk who likes leaving his mark all over town. The graffiti artist is tagging a wall in Preston Steel's hood in this new DVD from Fetish Force and the punk is surprised when Steel jumps him from behind. The two wrestle, but Preston out manoeuvres him and Draven quickly finds his hands cuffed behind his back. Torres is cocky at first until Steel tells him he's taking him in to The Center, then the punk's attitude changes to "Please, I'll do anything."

When Torres offers to suck his captor's dick, it takes Steel about three seconds to unzip and haul out his big, meaty cock. Seeing the size of this dick, Draven isn't sure he's made the right choice, but Steel doesn't give him a chance to reconsider. He grabs the punk by the head and rams his cock down Torres' throat.

Steel isn't content with a simple servicing, he wants to humiliate this tagger. He grabs Draven's 6-inch Mohawk and holds the punk steady while spitting into his mouth. When Torres protests Steel gags him with his big dick and slapping him around with his hands. After Draven's velvety throat get him sufficiently turned on, Preston gives this punk the final humiliation and blows his wad of cum all over his scruffy face. Torres thinks he's off the hook now, but Steel drags him off to The Center anyway.

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