Grade A Cock Sucker

When I was in high school a lot of guys used to call me a " Grade- A Cock Sucker" as a put down, but over the years I have come to realize that, what they were really doing was paying me a HUGE compliment!

Even though I had never sucked any of their cocks, (I would have liked to have had my way with more than a few of them!) I think that if I had been given the chance to do it now I would have been very, but I mean very popular with the boys!

There are several ways to suck a cock and a good blow job can send you to gay heaven and beyond but a bad one can make your cock as limp as lifeless as Cheryl Cole's hair.

So how do you give a good blow job? Well, here and now I will give you 5 quick tips that will take your cock sucking experience from o.k to OMFG!

1. Lube the cock up and start off with a simple massage.

2.Work the cock to attention and when fully erect, hold the shaft of the cock with one hand while the other continues to slide up and down the schlong.

3. Once you reach the head, lightly squeeze the head as though you squeezing a lemon with a juicer. (Apply pressure but this is depending on how hard your partner likes it!)

4. Continue to slide your hand up and down his cock and when you reach the head wrap your lips around his head and do the "bobbing for apples" move. Up and down now with hands and mouth, trust me your mouth will be full of the sweet taste of man-spunk before you know it! (One important note: NEVER USE TEETH!, NEVER!)

5. Finally, always keep one hand on the shaft and if you are really feisty you can give the testicles a cheeky pull, LIGHTLY, when he is about to spew his load.

There! I have passed on the wisdom like an old, dried up hooker on her dying bed! If you master this skill, your gay will never, ever stray cos you will know that no one suck cock quite like you!

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