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Do you have a kinky scene rolling around in your head? Your own secret, perverted spank bank scene? Kink.com is offering you a chance to get those fantasies out of your head and make them a reality. Kink.com runs a lot of BDSM and fetish sex sites, but gay men are probably most familiar with Bound Gods and Bound in Public. Recently the company opened Men on Edge, which features bound men in long and agonizingly slow edging sessions.

These sites are well known for their creative and mind-bending training and punishment sessions, but they're looking for a little inspiration of their own. So, if you have a BDSM fantasy that's been tumbling around inside your head, why not try your hand at writing the script for your ultimate fetish scene and submit it to Kink.com?

One winner will be awarded a $2,000 prize and year-long membership to any of the company's sites, but there are also 10 Honorable Mentions that will still get you a year's membership. What could be hotter than seeing a scene produced exactly the way you imagine? Head to Kink.com for the contest details.

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