If you're one of the thousands of sexually agitated men who have come to rely on the Gorgeous Boys Network to relieve yourselves of the painful blockage of semen trapped unwittingly in your nether regions on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, well - great news!

The owners of the popular adult site have announced their newest project:, a free, tube-based site of some of the most intrusively necessary anal scenes of penetration and cock drainage, drainage that goes beyond gay porn and well into environmental heroism.

"One of the profound changes in the world of the Internet has been the increase in user's bandwidth speeds. With the introduction to broadband in the middle of this past decade, watching online videos and live streams has became the norm. Tube sites are commonly regarded as the second generation of porn sites (Porn 2.0)." That's Mark Wilson speaking, the genius behind the entire GB franchise which may or may not still include DewayneInSD, Pierre Fitch, Jason Sechrest and Brent Corrigan, when he's not in the final, last stages of the post-production phase of his soon-to-announced-soon movie "Judas Kiss."

I say genius because somehow in this country we still seem to think that the epicenter of male beauty is Southern California and it is clearly not. The center of white, male beauty, perhaps. It also shows how industries have thrived in Atlanta, North Carolina (NY, of course), D.C., and the King Daddy: Southern Florida. White porn, however, is a niche that will remain with us for some time to come, so it is up to Mister Wilson to direct us to those colored Southern balls of beauty that make the Southern moisture almost unbearable.

Beside, if anyone can do it, It is Mark Wilson. So three cheers for free porn (and unlimited lube.)

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