Gorgeous Men Over 40

Time to celebrate those Gorgeous Men Over 40 at a blog that's all about...well, you can guess. This is a simple Tumblr blog where you can scroll down through the posts, find a random post, search, or flick through the archive, and it looks like there is something new more or less every day. It's a neat place to come to worship the over-40 man, and there are many famous names - and not so famous names - and faces to see. We're told that the pics come from all over the net, so it is possible you've caught the content before, but I doubt you would have found all of these guys. I thought the blog was really well set up, easy to view and full of some charming older, established, rugged, handsome and mature faces; and bodies from time to time too.

Maybe we were pushing it a bit in wishing Ben Affleck a happy 40th and getting him on the blog when he is only just passed 39, but hey! I'm not complaining, he simply gets hunkier with age. Ditto Daniel Graig, Ethan Hawke and Hugh Jackman looking like the cover model of some catalog. Not to mention John Barrowman. But not all the guys here are stars or actors or even well known - not to me, at any rate. But they are all handsome and sexy, and over 40. The blog runs on a minimalist design and so you don't get much else apart from hot pics and hot guys in their prime.

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