Who can resist a man in a suit? Almost any man cleans up nicely with a suit and tie. But the men at Men at Play are extra hot. They're always so good looking, hunky, and their suits aren't off the rack. These men have style. Marcel here is a gorgeous hunk. I love the contradiction of his slightly unkept beard and the suit and tie. And his brown eyes ... fuck, they're hot. They're so soulful and sexy. And his kissable lips drive me wild. I love a man with a nice set of lips. Can you imagine trying to have a business meeting with this suited hunk sitting across from you? Could you control yourself? Or would you just crawl across his desk, grab him by the tie, and pull those lips towards you, and plant a passionate kiss on them? You might have some self control until you see that cock he's got tucked away in those dress slacks -- healthy set of shaved balls, 7.5 to 8" cut cock with a fat cockhead, and he's a little on the thick side. Once you got a look at that, you'd be crawling under his desk for sure. And once you see his slightly furry chest, his pierced nipple, and his six pack of abs, well, let's just say you'll be taking dictation anyway Marcel wants you to.

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