He's back!! LATIN JOCKS' very own Eduardo is back by popular demand. No one knows better than you - the general public - and it would seem this sweet latin hunk of love gets a standing ovation each and every time. How can he not? I mean, look at this guy. Just looking into his lovely, dark eyes one might even forget their own name. Then when your gaze strays farther south, you're in absolute awe of his splendid chest and torso. Then...we look even further down, and.....


....oh my god! Look at that cock! My knees just gave out. Help, I've fallen and I can't get up! This man appears to have been carved out of stone. His natural curves and definition are reminiscent of Michealangelo's "David". I believe they call "David" the perfect man. Well, I certainly can't see many flaws in Eduardo. Can you?


Yes, I just came in my pants. I had a hard-on from the first picture of this "god", but seeing this absolute perfection of a cock, it took me over the edge. Even just to be the photographer for this shoot I believe one would have a hell of a time keeping their wits, not to mention their load, about them. Actually, the photographer has been quoted as stating, "Believe me, a photoshoot with Eduardo is a very distracting experience!"


Buttocks are such a sexy part of the male body, aren't they? Especially when they're attached to our man Eduardo here. Like I said, you won't find many flaws about this latin hunk. In fact, if you want to critique him even more, you can always go over to LATIN JOCKS and see for yourself. Believe me when I say though that this man is just about perfect. I mean, just look at him!!

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