Bear Films sure does get some good-looking hairy men coming their way. What a hard job to be the photographer of this site. This hot, hairy hunk goes by the handle West Coast Baby Daddy. BD starts off his gallery wearing a pair of camouflage pants and a blue sleeveless shirt. His shirt is unbuttoned from the moment we lay eyes on him, so we get a real good look at his his torso. And it's beautiful. BD isn't terribly well-built, but he is solid. And I'm not complaining, by the way. He's got red-brown hair, sexy blue eyes, and a full beard. BD is a totally hot hunk of man. And wait until he slides those camouflage pants down -- what a gorgeous pair of beefy thighs. Those massive thighs are going to feel good wrapped around another man. They're big and hairy and his butt is also quite hairy. Hair swirling across is butt cheeks and trickling down his ass crack. And BD has exactly the kind of cock I love sucking -- a beautifully, plump and flared cock head, so you know you've got a dick in your mouth. What a sexy man!

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