Goodhandy's is subtitled "Welcome to Goodhandy's" and it tells the story and chronicles the past and future events based around a club in Toronto, Canada which depicts itself as a "Pansexual Playground." When asked what this term means, the owners, a dynamic pair of proprietors named Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Kilnck proffer that it offers an environment which is open to sexual activity of many kinds and attempts to be "a field of unrestricted sexual activity." Sounds great!! Well, it turns out is actually is. The blog we're talking about here gives a great depiction of the activities there. A calender is provided l;inking all the upcoming events and the blog itself posts pictures from shows and events in the past. From T-Girl shows by amateurs to Mandy's own sexy stylings, complete with volunteers from audiences, to dance raves and just severe partying down, these two cutting edge club owners offer total goodies. Not only is this an interesting blog and some for-pay sites to hook up deeper, but they also show us what the heck goes on behind those sexy, closed doors. I want to go see!

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