You can always rely on JAKE CRUISE to bring you majorly hot hot guys. Jake travels around all over the place in search of hot youngsters to get it on with. Today we feature the well hung hunky Dad with Olda. Olda is from Russian and has a bod and cock that will make any pervert whince in blissful anticipation. Tall, muscular and full of fun, Jake had his hands full in this situation I think. Usually Jake plays the top in most of his scenes. However, with Olda looking the way he does, who wouldn't bend over to take his thick meat up their butt?


There's a sweet loving shot. Jake looks as though he's wrapped right up in this Russian dude. You can't really blame him. Look at that thick uncut penis. And those thighs! Yeah, this is a really nice shot that shows two guys totally into one another.


Good boy Olda. To have that beautiful hunk's sphincter right in your face. Jeezuz! The guy is just something else. I love young and smooth Eastern Block guys. For years and years they were behind that iron curtain and now they've cum out to play. Woopee!


There we go! Take that big Rusky dick Jake! Yeah, JAKE CRUISE gives it to you straight. No fucking around. The photography is always sensational too. Real high quality shots. And Jake himself always knows what to do at the right time. Go see for yourselves.

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