Bentley Race has decided to show off his shower video skills with his newest model, Mitch Milano. Mitch lives in Sydney. He's compact and muscular with an oversized thick cock and a great sense of humor. He loves being in front of the camera, and he and Ben both had a lot of fun doing this shower shoot. Both of them were laughing and having a great time, and Ben says he loves Mitch in his tight shorts, and especially loves what's packed inside them. So Ben asks Mitch to get in the shower while wearing his shorts...

Mitch starts off by turning on the water and letting it get warm, then spraying himself all - his face, chest, his legs. Soon Mitch is delightfully wet and Ben is catching it all on camera.


Isn't it amazing how even the tightest shorts cling better when they're nice and wet? And look what they contained. Mitch has a huge, fat cock that surrounded by untrimmed pubes.


Ben doesn't want us to miss anything, so he has Mitch turn around and spray warm water all over as he shows us his back and tight, muscular ass. Getting clean has never looked so good!


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