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Kurt has been a busy man over at UK Naked Men. Over the past several weeks he's been jacking his dick, getting his cock sucked, and even offering up his butt for some hot three-way action. And this stud deserves a break, so this week he's taking a nude dip in the Jacuzzi. But thankfully this bald, muscular stud is perpetually horny, and we get to watch him pumping his thick, uncut cock one more time. Kurt is a good-looking guy with a rock-solid body. His shoulders are broad and sculpted, his pecs are hard and chiseled, and he's packing a plump, muscular bubble butt. But my favourite part of Kurt is that substantial piece of meat hanging between his legs. He's got a beautifully long and fat foreskinned dick that curves off to the left when it's completely hard. And cock suckers everywhere are aching to wrap their lips around that formidable cock. Wow! It's like the gold medal of cocks!

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