girth brooks fucks tyler sweet

Girth Brooks has one of the hottest cocks in the business. Frankly, it's not particularly big in the length department, a good solid eight inches I'd say. But where this hairy stud really shines is in girth, which is why he's called Girth Brooks. And his meat is crowned with an overly plump cock head, a super huge mushroom head that gets any cocksucker revved up.

In this scene from Big Dicks at School, Girth Brooks is playing teacher. He's got a handful of guys sitting in his classroom ready to take a test. Brooks hands out the test and tells the students they have 30 minutes to finish the assignment, then he settles back at his desk. He soon discovers that he's got a horny student hiding under the desk and ready to suck dick for extra credit.

Girth Brooks tries to maintain his composure while Tyler Sweet silently chows down on the teacher's mushroom head. When Girth can't take it anymore, he pounds his hands on the desk and says, "Times up!" The students hand in their test and leave the classroom. Then Girth really gets down to feeding this horny cocksucker is big-nobbed dick. And he gives Tyler Sweet an ass fucking he'll never forget.

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