BENTLEY RACE happened onto hot harry italian hunk Giovanni in California. He was on vacation and when he learned what Bentley was all about, he jumped at the chance to drop his pants and show off his hot latin bod. Young enough to do it again, and again, and again - Giovanni gives us a great view of everything he is and should be proud of. A large cock and balls surrounded by lots of fur and a smile to kill for, these 4 pics should get your blood boiling and then some.


As most of us know, it gets pretty damned hot in Cali, so there's no use in wearing too much clothing. This pose of Giovanni kneeling down exposing his thick meaty cock is just too much. Love the hairy legs and torso too. Mmmmmm. Some tasty man that's for sure.


Nice socks dude! I love these footballers! Especially when all they've got on is a muscle shirt, socks and a cap! What a lovely boner this guy was blessed with, eh? Tell me you wouldn't be on your knees in an instant inhaling that big stick. Come on now.


Our soccer boy is looking all serious and sultry now. Love the glare on his face. He just knows how much we want that piece of meat and balls hanging from his groin. If you're into these footballers and like your guys young, lean and hung, BENTLEY RACE is the place to indulge in your tastes guys!

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