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If you've never visited The Hard Order, it's a hot find for those of you who like verbal abuse and humiliation. I reviewed the site recently and I was pretty impressed with the way the five top studs over there could run a dirty mouth. (Read The Hard Order site review.)

In one of his recent episodes, Master Guy, a sexy furry top, ordered us to send him some specific information that he could use to blackmail us and he wanted the contact information of our mother. I guess that Gino took him up on this challenge. "Gino is a one of my slaves. Or was. I have discarded of him now and done something which will ruin his life."

I guess Gino didn't take his master very seriously and didn't precisely follow through on his Guy's orders. Now Gino finds himself without this hot stud's attention. I'm not sure what exactly Master Guy did to ruin this guy's life, but if there's any doubt this hairy top stud means business, you'd better think again.

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