GI Jerkers

JD has a big thing for the GI, and you get to see what kinds of GIs he likes when you click over to GI Jerkers. He's set the blog up so that all fans of military men can come over, take a look, have a browse and then, if they like someone who is featured, click over to the site he comes from and sign up; JD then gets a few pennies and you get to see some horny and hard military males. Ok, so there's a lot of content here from websites where you can become a member, and so there's a lot of porn, which ain't a problem, but there are also 'off duty' shots and others pulled from non-paysites. So, amateur military guys with their phones, taking pics of themselves in their bathrooms, guys on maneuvers hanging out and messing around, real images from the front lines around the world where the soldiers are relaxing, getting into some horseplay and showing off; the kind of content that does more for your imagination than a photo of two guys sucking each other off. A really nice mix then, of all things hot and military, with much of the action leading you to sign-up sites where you can find even more.

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