Getting Fucked By Your Favourite Porn Star Getting Fucked By Your Favourite Porn Star

Dalton Pierce is sitting at his desk watching his favourite porn star, Maxx Fitch, on the Dallas Reeves website ... he just can't get over how hugely hung this guy is! Then Dalton sits back in his chair and closes his eyes and imagines Maxx his standing beside him, totally naked except for a towel around his waist.

Dalton reaches out and pulls the towel away and Maxx's monster cock pops up into full view. Dalton grabs hold of it in his hand, marvels at its thickness, then leans forward and licks the piss slit and then sucks the massive mushroom-shaped head into his mouth, all the while jacking off his own rock-hard cock. Then, much to Dalton's surprise, even tho it's HIS OWN fantasy, Maxx drops to his knees and takes Dalton's hard cock into his mouth and sucks on it, squeezing the shaft and toying with his balls. Dalton is really getting off on his fantasy, so when the imaginary Maxx tells him to spread-eagle himself over the desk, with legs wide open, arsehole in full view, he does what he is told and then Maxx inserts that massive hard cock of his, slowly but surely, inch by inch deep into Dalton's tight butthole ... bareback!

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