Getting Frisky In The John

Go to any gay club and you have to ask yourself this question. Why is it that all the action seems to take place in the bathroom? And not on the dance floor. Meet Jamie a regular club hopper. Problem with him is that he brags to just about anyone who will listen. He talks a good game, but will be put up or shut up? Or rather put out. His fellow club companions have just about had it with his big mouth. Time to see if he can put his money where his mouth is.

Completely and totally wasted, Jamie somehow makes it to the bathroom. Following in his path are his fellow clubbers. Four guys who decide to do what they want with him. Getting his clothes off is just the first step, as they worship his physique. Multiple hands maneuver all over his muscular body. But this group doesn't stop there. Each guy takes turns grabbing onto Jamie's fabulous cock, and pulling on his low-hanging sack. They even get high from smelling his dick. Drunk or not, Jamie is enjoying all of the attention being paid to his body and cock. His cock never gets a rest as it's jacked off continuously until he explodes in a wet and messy orgasm. Which winds up all over the dirty bathroom floor. But remember that five second rule. Not wanting to waste this great milky cum, the guys grab it and rub it all over his face. Yummy!

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