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Trying to keep fit is a bitch, you know it, I know it, the whole entire fucking world knows it! I like to go in do what I gotta do in as little time possible. I decided to try something out at my gym and it truly did change the way I workout!

It's spinning but with a twist. Yes, it's spinning set to a disco beat! I seriously thought this was the best way to peddle to nowhere while Gloria Gaynor blasted through the speakers telling the entire class she will survive! Well, she's one lucky bitch cos I almost didn't survive to the end of the class!

Spinning is a great cardiovascular exercise, as well as working out the legs and that all important core. The moment I got off the bike after the hour and a half class my legs felt quite jelly-like and all I wanted to do was have one of the hunks from the class carry me home! I managed to speak to the instructor (a hot delectable piece of man-meat he was) who congratulated me on my participation and he told me that I would loose burn twice as much fat in one of his classes than I would in three days of my normal cardio workout!

Those were the magic words and now, my third week in I can honestly say I've never felt or looked better. So boys, if ya wanna get a rock hard bum and burn away the alcohol you've binged over the weekend get your self to a spinning class, pronto. Oh and it also helps there are hunks wearing very tiny shorts if you want that XXX-tra motivation!

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