Where is a gay to go to find all the latest in everything gay and in between? Well, you now have a section on Gaydemon that brings you the best from the hottest blogs all over the net, so buckle up! It's time to get connected, time for you to get WIRED!

Don't spend hours looking for sites that will get your man-areas all tingly and erect! WIRED does that for you. It's virtually all there, from fashion to cock there is something for everyone and if you think you can do better, why not submit your own stories from your blog?

WIRED gives you the chance to submit your blog posts and have them reach Gaydemon's HUGE audience and you'll watch you traffic shoot through the roof! Visitors can vote for your posts with the "Hot" and "Cold' buttons that will make them stay on the front page for a much longer time giving you loads more exposure.

Why not take a look and of course submit your posts! C'mon! Get your posts out there for all to see and adore! It's only a click away!

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